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This is a cooperative association of Wawasan Open University (WOU) Library and DISTED College Library, a part of WOU DISTED integration plan implemented in 2012. The aim is to further support academic excellence through provision of better services, more resources and conducive environment that facilitates research and curricular goals. WOU and DISTED College are wholly owned by the Wawasan Education Foundation, a tax-exempt entity. The partnership supports research sharing and enhancement of services to WOU and DISTED community through programmes in cooperative collection development, access to collections and joint membership.

Use WOU DISTED Library Catalogue to search for books, journals, e-resources and audiovisuals owned by both libraries. WOU and DISTED College faculty, staff and students may borrow materials from both libraries, subject to loan eligibility as specified in WOU Rules and Regulations and DISTED Rules and Regulations. Note that the penalty for late returns for both libraries differs.


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