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Call Number (WOU) SP CEMBA 2017 82
Author Tan, Kai Sheong
Title A study on public transportation operational-support system efficiency and perceived value : an empirical study on Penang Hill funicular service / Tan Kai Sheong
Abstract Penang Funicular Train system has been in operation for many years supporting Penang tourism. Along with the aspiration to improve the operational transport system, the aim of this study is to empirically evaluate operational supporting factors towards the perceived value on public transportation system to cater overall satisfaction level towards the visitors. Furthermore, this particular study will also fill any gap relates to customer satisfaction expectation with empirical study and to study the best method to provide overall operational support system and services to achieve visitors comfort, facility and safety to the visitors, as well as to maintain or improve the public trusts when visiting and using the service. The SERQUAL and Kano theory has been used as basis to evaluate Operational Support System (Information Technology, Maintenance, Facilities, and Safety & Security) towards the dependent variable of perceived value and also to evaluate if Customer Service intervenes the impact of the operational support system. The objective of the research is to identify the dominant determinant affecting the overall Operational Support System, with the study intervening variables impact of on the Operation Support System towards Perceived Value of Penang Hill Railway Service and to determine which determinant, the management should focus, in order to maintain if not increase the overall service satisfactory level to its visitors. To further obtain a more accurate result to the study, the sampling plan developed with random sampling among passengers with a total of 121 responses collected of 85% yield. The survey is separated into 2 parts, mainly demographics survey and evaluation of 6 variables. Pilot test was first carried out on 17 respondents in order to determine the validity of the survey questions before a complete survey was carried out. The result were analysed using statistical analyses program (IBM SPSS) with ANOVA, Multiple and Hierarchical Regression. Demographics profiles were also being analysed to study any possible effects towards the Perceived Value of Penang Hill Railway Service. The overall study concluded that the Operational Support System ( IT, Maintenance, Facilities, Safety & Security) were statically significant at 5% towards the Perceived Value of Penang Hill Railway Service. Additionally, Customer Service as intervening variable has significantly reacted to the Operational Support System determinants. Maintenance and Facilities dependents were strongly in particular affected by the intervening variable, this shows that the Operational Support System services that Penang Hill management providing to the customer must not be taken lightly, further emphasis and support for Maintenance and Facility determinants is a must to ensure the positive influence to the Perceived Value of Penang Hill Railway Service. The demographic profiles showed that there are statistical differences of customer service and perceived value between nationalities, frequency of visits to Penang Hill and the frequency use of the train service. In practice, this implied that the operation managers should customise service to expectations. The Managerial Predictive model shows that the Perceived Value of Funicular Railway Service is significantly influenced by Facilities, Maintenance and also Customer Service. Further analysis also pointed that, Customer Service intervene all determinants namely Information Technology, Maintenance, Facilities and Safety& Security to the Perceived Value of Funicular Railway Service. The result indicated that, all the determinants of Operational Support System can be shown as internal operational service that Penang Hill management provides, regardless of how well the Operational Support System perform, it can only perform at its full capacity with the help from Customer Service as the significant predictor to the perceived value of Penang Hill Railway Service, due to the empathy that Customer Service provides as well as a frontline interface to the customers of Penang Hill. The limitation encounter in this research including Time Horizon, Generalization, Cultural influences, local social acceptance to interviews, time, resources. It was proposed that the future research should include the more variables such as the nature of Penang Hill, political influence to the development of Penang Hill, and also to include the Funicular railway technologies as independent variables into the study. It should also not to be limited by only Penang Hill Funicular Service, but should further the study to other geographical area to have better comparison and benchmark of the research result. As a summary, the study have proven the suggested perceived values study as IT, Maintenance, Safety Security as well as Facilities are the factors and determinant that will influence overall Customer Service and perceived value of a Funicular Service in Penang Hill.
Notes Final project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (CeMBA)
Publisher/Year Penang : School of Business and Administration, Wawasan Open University, 2017
Subject Transportation -- .

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