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Author Tan, Lai Hong
Title Information technology determinants supporting industry 4.0: an empirical study on multinational corporations in Penang. / Tan Lai Hong.
Abstract Industry 4.0, or Industrie 4.0 in German, is the forth industrial revolution that became publicly known in 2011. After more than six years since then, Industry 4.0 is still not popular in many countries such as Malaysia, and Penang is left behind in adopting Industry 4.0. This research aims to study the dominant factors and demographic profiles affecting the value added by Industry 4.0, and to construct a managerial predictive model based on their relationship. The determinants assessed include top management support, cost consciousness, readiness of IT infrastructure, new technology acceptance, knowledge & training, IT readiness, and the demographic profiles. A survey was conducted by distributing questionnaires to 90 employees from 90 different MNCs in the Penang manufacturing industry but only 41 responses were received. Part A of the questionnaire comprises eight questions on demographic profiles, whereas Part B contains questions for evaluating the six independent variables and the dependent variable. These primary data were collected from the exempt staff and the managers at the various levels from different MNCs in the Penang manufacturing industry using quantitative technique. Statistical techniques such as reliability test, descriptive analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), correlation analysis, and regression analysis were used to analyse the data, and the IBM SPSS version 22 software was used to generate the results. The results of the analysis confirmed that top management support, readiness of IT infrastructure, and IT readiness have strong correlation with the value added by Industry 4.0. Besides, the results from the analysis of the demographic profiles reveal that production automation and the corporations’ interest in automating their operations have strong influence on the value added by Industry 4.0, whereas the use of Cloud technology for storing big data significantly impacts the production automation and the interest in automating operations. Based on the established predictive model, it can be concluded that top management support has the strongest correlation with the value added by Industry 4.0, followed by IT readiness. There are some limitations on the research: narrow in scope, short time horizon, restriction in generalization; limitation on time and resource; and social desirability, convenience and cultural influence. The future research is recommended to determine all the other determinants that have not been covered in this study. It is also recommended to extend the survey to multiple points of time. A longer time should be allocated for collecting the responses for the survey questionnaire, and effort must be put to encourage and remind the recipients of the questionnaires to respond to the survey within the given timeframe. Face-to-face interview is also recommended for future research, and the respondents should be reminded to answer the questionnaires on their own. The questionnaires for the future research is recommended to be kept short and easy to understand and answer. Finally, cultural difference is recommended to be taken into consideration when analysing the data collected from the future research. In short, this research study provides an insight on how do the factors influence the adoption of Industry 4.0 by the MNCs in the Penang manufacturing industry. The study suggests that strategies must be in place to encourage top management support in the Industry 4.0 deployment project, improve the IT infrastructure, and get the IT ready to implement the new technologies including the Cloud technology, rather than focusing on the costs, issues on new technology acceptance, and knowledge & training.
Notes Final project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (CeMBA).
Publisher/Year Penang : School of Business and Administration, Wawasan Open University, 2018.
Subject International business enterprise -- Malaysia.

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