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1   System of experimental design engineering methods to optimize quality and minimize costs volume two / Genichi Taguchi.
1   System software: an introduction to systems programming
1   Systematic approaches to a successful literature review / Andrew Booth ; Diana Papaioannou and Anthea Sutton
1   The systematic design of instruction / Walter Dick, Lou Carey and James O. Carey
1   Systematic dissections of vertebrates: a laboratory guide
1   Systematic identification of organic compounds: a laboratory manual
1   Systematic review of contextual suggestion and recommendation systems for sustainable e-tourism / Haseeb Ur Rehman Khan, Chen Kim Lim, Minhaz Farid Ahmed, Kian Lam Tan and Mazlin Mokhtar.
1   Systematic review of education sustainable development in higher education institutions / Chen Kim Lim, Martin Shafiihuna Haufiku, Kian Lam Tan, Minhaz Farid Ahmed and Theam Foo Ng.
1   Systematic software development using VDM
1   Systems analysis & design methods / Jeffrey L. Whitten, Lonnie D. Bentley and Thomas I. M. Ho
1   Systems analysis: a diagnostic approach
1   Systems analysis and design / Kenneth E. Kendall and Julie E. Kendall
1   Systems analysis and design / Donald Yeates and Tony Wakefield
2   Systems analysis and design / Gary B. Shelly and Harry J. Rosenblatt
5   Systems analysis and design

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