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1   Survey of economics principles, applications, and tools / Arthur O'Sullivan, Steven M. Sheffrin and Stephen J. Perez
1   A survey of modern algebra/ Garrett Birkhoff and Saunders Mac Lane.
1   Survey research methods / Floyd J. Fowler, Jr., Center for Survey Research, University of Massachusetts, Boston.
1   Survey scales a guide to development, analysis and reporting / Robert L. Johnson and Grant B. Morgan.
2   Surveying
1   Surveying with construction applications / Barry F. Kavanagh and Dianne K. Slattery.
1   Surveys in social research / D.A. de Vaus.
1   Survival strategies of hitech corporations applicable insights from executive narratives / George K. Chacko
1   Surviving the information age / Jim Carroll.
1   The survivor meets the challenge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Malaysian politics / Chamil Wariya.
1   Survivor's guide to technical writing / David Ingre
1   Susah nak ingat
1   SUSE Linux 10 bible [e-book] / Justin Davies, Roger Whittaker, William von Hagen.
1   Sustainability implementation in higher education institutions / Chen Kim Lim and Kian Lam Tan.
1   Sustainability indicators a scientific assessment / Tomas Hak, Bedrich Moldan and Arthur Lyon Dahl (eds.)

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