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1   Style in fiction a linguistic introduction to English fictional prose / Geoffrey Leech and Mick Short
1   Style manual : for authors, editors and printers
1   Stylistics / Peter Verdonk.
1   Subject cataloging manual classification / Office for Subject Cataloging Policy, Library of Congress
1   Subject evaluation: a resource book for improving learning and teaching
1   Subliminal persuasion [e-book] influence & marketing secrets they don't want you to know / Dave Lakhani
1   Subordinate Courts Rules 1980 (PU (A) 328/80): as at 5th September 1998
1   Substance abuse counseling / Judith A. Lewis, Robert Q. Dana and Gregory A. Blevins
1   Subterranean termites: their prevention and control in buildings
1   Subtitle on cover: Story of hard work, determination, and a dream fulfilled
1   Succeeding through communication / Subhash Jagota
1   Succesful self-management: a psychologically sound approach to personal effectiveness
1   Succesful time management: a self-teaching guide
1   Success at AQA physics B A2
1   Success at AQA Physics B AS

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