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1   Sun Tzu: seizing strategic business opportunities and advantage
1   Sun Tzu the art of war / Samuel B. Griffith
1   Sun Tzu the keeper of CEOs' conscience
1   Sun Tzu's Art of war in corporate planning
1   Sun Tzu’s art of war the modern Chinese interpretation / General Tao Hanzhang ; translated by Yuan Shibing.
1   Sun Yat Sen film now in DVD [e-media]
1   Sun Yat Sen in Penang / Khoo Salma Nasution
1   Sun Yat Sen: pictorical stories of "Father of China" in Chinese and English
1   Sun Zi's art of war: the world's greatest military works in english and chinese
1   Sun Zi's Strategies
8   Sunday Star
1   Sunday Times business skills series
1   SundayBorneoPost
1   Sunrise for Georgie
1   Sun's political ideology his 'Three Principles of the People' borught down the Chinese dynasty system [e-media]

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