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1   The study of customer satisfaction: a case of residential satisfaction in the newly delivered serviced apartment of Parc Regency, Johor Bahru. / Yong Pei Nee
1   The study of customer satisfaction at Nando’s Restaurant in Malaysia. / Lau Yoke See
1   A study of debt literacy among Malaysians / Lenan A/L Sundaram
A study of Desbumi’s safe migration concepts acceptance by Indonesian
Female Migrant Workers candidates from Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. / Ong Kiang Yen
1   A study of determinants of debt management: an empirical assessment of credit card holders amongst Malaysian working adults / Alex Ewe Jing Siang.
1   A study of e-service quality on online investor satisfaction in Penang / Lim Nee Na
1   Study of economics: principles, concepts and applications
1   Study of effectiveness of TQM at ABC electronic Sdn Bhd in JB / Sritharen Madavan
1   The study of employee motivation in talent employees retention at MNC Petrochemical Heavy Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd/ Cheng Teck Seong
1   A study of employee turnover in bankruptcy companies/ Ko Siew Leng
1   A study of enablers and challenges in implementation of lean healthcare within a public hospital in Malaysia / Yoon Chee Kin
1   A study of factors affecting customer retention an investment bank perspective / Yong Chuen Soon
1   A study of factors affecting customer satisfaction in the insurance industry in Malaysia / Chin Yew Kien
1   A study of factors affecting employees’ work performance in an organization - a manufacturing perspective / Yu Tian Keong
1   A study of factors affecting teacher's job satisfaction. / Goo Shok Kee

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