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1   Influencing others
1   The influential factors of consumers' buying habits on feminine hygiene towards brand loyalty / David Khoo Chong Beng
1   Info / Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia
1   Info millions how to turn what you already know about your work, hobby or personal interests into... a-million-dollar information products empire / Bob Serling
1   Infokus
1   Infomedia revolution: how it is changing our world and your life
1   Informality and monetary policy in Japan [e-book]
1   Informasi politeknik Malaysia / Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.
1   Information and communication technologies in education and training in Asia and the Pacific / William Loxley.
1   Information and communication technology provide many benefit (in Mandarin) [e-media]
1   Information architecture for the World Wide Web / Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld
1   Information assurance [e-book] dependability and security in networked systems / Yi Qian et al (eds.)
1   Information Bank On Women , Penang
1   Information bulletin
1   An information entropy-based evolutionary computation for multi-factorial optimization / Ting Yee Lim, Choo Jun Tan, Wai Peng Wong and Chee Peng Lim.

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