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1   Introduction to information systems enabling and transforming business / R. Kelly Rainer and Efraim Turban
1   Introduction to information systems essentials for e-business enterprise / James A. O'Brien
1   Introduction to information systems in business management
1   Introduction to information technology
1   Introduction to inorganic chemistry
1   Introduction to insect biology and diversity / Howell V. Daly, John T. Doyen and Alexander H. Purcell, III.
1   Introduction to intelligent systems in traffic and transportation / Ana L.C. Bazzan and Franziska Klugl.
1   Introduction to interactive programme on the internet using HTML and JavaScript
1   An introduction to intercultural communication identities in a global community / Fred E. Jandt
1   Introduction to international economics
1   Introduction to international political economy / David N. Balaam and Michael Veseth
1   Introduction to international relations: theories and approaches
1   Introduction to investments / Herbert B. Mayo.
1   Introduction to Islamic banking and finance / Brian Kettell.
1   An introduction to Islamic finance theory and practice / Zamir Iqbal and Abbas Mirakhor

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