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1   Infinite power for richer living
1   Inflation: a guide to the crisis in economics
1   Inflation: a world-wide disaster
2   Inflation in Australia
1   Inflation, open economics and resources: the collected writings of Paul Davidson
1   Inflation policy and unemployment theory the cost-benefit approach to monetary planning / Edmund S. Phelps.
1   Inflation, saving and growth in developing economies / A. P. Thirlwall.
1   The influence and effect of Goods & Services Tax (GST) implementation on consumers in branded sports industry at Kuching, Sarawak. / Cheong Chia Chiun.
1   Influence and persuasion
1   The influence of advertisement credibility on consumers' attitude towards advertisement / Lee Kuan Yong
1   Influence of information communication technology in the performance of Mathematics among primary student in Penang / Lee Jojo.
1   The influence of ownership structure on the corporate performance of Malaysian public listed companies / Tee Chwee Ming and Chan Sok Gee
1   The influence of parental involvement on learners' behaviour in International Schools in Kuala Lumpur / Lok Yee Han.
The influence of principal’s transformational leadership on
teachers’ collective efficacy / Gary Tay Soon Joo
1   Influence of promotional mix affect sales performance of softdrink industry / Chin Yen Nee

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