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1   The Gospel according to Judas / Benjamin Iscariot
1   Gourmet's guide cheese.
1   Governance and leadership in higher education / Editors Munir Shuib; Sarjit Kaur and Rozinah Jamaludin
1   Governance for development issues and strategies / Pardeep Sahni and Uma Medury.
1   Governance forum [e-media]
1   Governance of the extended enterprise [e-book] bridging business and IT trategies / IT Governance Institute.
1   Governing China from revolution through reform
1   The governing principles of ancient China : based on 360 passages excerpted from the original compilation of Qunshu Zhiyao / English translation group of Qun shu zhi yao 360.
1   Government and politics in Malaysia / Abdul Rashid Moten (ed.)
1   Government budgeting and expenditure controls theory and practice / A. Premchand
1   Government by the people
1   Government of education W.O. Lester Smith
1   Government transformation programme the roadmap / Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Malaysia
1   Governments and budgets: problems in Australian Economics
1   Governments and crisis powers: a study of the use of emergency powers under the Malaysian Constitution and parts of the Commonwealth / by Cyrus V. Das with forewords by Tan Sri Dato' Justice Edgar Joseph Jr., Dr. Andrew Harding.

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