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1   The factors that influences adult learners preferences on open distance learning (ODL) university / Jeyagauri d/o Kuppusamy
1   Factors that influences internet shopping in Penang. / Alvin Ooi Shyue Liang.
1   Factors that influencing customer loyalty from guest's perspective : a study of Malacca's ABC hotel / Choo Liang Fee
1   Factors that influencing employee motivation in electrical and electronic industry in Penang / Thana Sekaran A/L Subramaniam K.
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2   Facts and Practice series
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1   Facts of life
1   Facts on Chinese history and it's choice
1   The Facts on file dictionary of biology
1   The facts on file dictionary of ecology and the environment
1   The facts on file dictionary of environmental science [e-book] / Bruce Wyman and L. Harold Stevenson
1   The Facts on File dictionary of inorganic chemistry
1   Facts on File library of religion and mythology
3   Facts on File science library

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