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1   Factors influencing the retention of government sector pharmacists in rural and remote areas the Sarawak finding / Kho Boon Phiaw
1   Factors influencing the retention of professional nurses in a private hospital / Ann Loh
1   Factors influencing training effectiveness in GP Berhad / Koh Joan Soon
1   Factors influencing willingness of adopting petroleum retailers’ loyalty program. / Choo Mun Hoe
1   Factors leading to increased employee engagement level in Maha Chemicals Sdn Bhd / Lim, Kian Heap
1   Factors leading to retention of first line managers in metal fabrication industry in Pusing, Perak / Vanitha Jothi a/p Murugasen
1   Factors leads to drops in safety performance - ABC Chemicals (M) Sdn Bhd a case study / Lee Yew Choon
1   Factors motivating adult learners in their selection choice for further education a study from a postgraduate fair in Penang Lilian Yap
1   Factors of successful lean practices in manufacturing a Malaysian perspective in electrical and electronics industry / Gooi Ewe Peng
1   Factors on consumers resistance to e-wallet adoption / Ang Bee Hui.
1   Factors resulting in attrition rate of adult learners in open distance learning at Wawasan Open University / David Lee
1   Factors that affecting customer satisfaction and acceptance in direct selling / Loo Huei Chek
1   Factors that affecting customer satisfaction and acceptance in direct selling / Lim Jia Hui
1   Factors that contribute towards Malaysia Airlines cabin crew motivation and productivity level. / Harkiran Kaur Utam Singh.
1   Factors that drive employees' engagement a study among banks' employees in Penang / Ooi Nae Lin

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