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1   Database systems a pragmatic approach / Elvis C. Foster, with Shripad Godbole.
1   Database systems an application oriented approach / Michael Kifer, Arthur Bernstein and Philip M. Lewis
1   Database systems concepts / Abraham Silberschatz, Hanry F. Korth and S. Sundarshan
1   Database systems: design, implementation and design
2   Database systems design, implementation and management / Peter Rob and Carlos Coronel
1   Database systems: design, implementation, and management
1   Database systems: design, implementation and management [CD-ROM]
1   Database systems design, implementation, and management/ Peter Rob and Carlos Coronel..
1   Database systems management and design
1   Database systems models, languages, design and application programming / Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe.
1   Database systems: principles, design and implementation
1   Database systems using Oracle a simplified guide to SQL and PL/SQL / Nilesh Shah
1   Databases and transaction processing: an application-oriented approach
1   Datamation Professional Series
1   Dateline a day-by-day guide to people, places, and events

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