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1   Database systems models, languages, design and application programming / Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe.
1   Database systems: principles, design and implementation
1   Database systems using Oracle a simplified guide to SQL and PL/SQL / Nilesh Shah
1   Databases and transaction processing: an application-oriented approach
1   Datamation Professional Series
1   Dateline a day-by-day guide to people, places, and events
1   Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik will perform the ground breaking ceremony on 8 Jan (in Mandarin) [e-media]
1   Datuk Seri Najib Malaysia's first political blue blood : a long political journey : from the golden boy of Malaysian politics to Malaysia's sixth prime minister ; a political analysis / Paridah abd Samad
1   Datuk Seri Najib waris politik terulung Malaysia yang pertama : liku-liku perjalanan politik : daripada seorang anak emas politik negara kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia keenam / diterjemahkan oleh Asri Salleh ; satu analisis politik Paridah Abdul Samad
1   Datuk Seri Panglima Andrew Sheng up close & personal [e-media]
1   The daughter of cahin and teh jewel that was ours / Colin Dexter
1   Daughter of the crocodile / Duncan Sprott
1   Daughters of Regals and other tales
1   Daughters of the house: modes of the Gothic in Victorian fiction
1   Daughters of the sun and other stories

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