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1   Trilling flight of Persian poetry [e-media]
2   Trilogi Khadijah Hashim
1   Trilogy of connectors basic principles and connector design explanations / Robert S. Mroczkowski, Romain Jugy and Alexander Gerfer.
1   Trilogy of magnetics design guide for EMI filter design, SMPS & RF circuits / Thomas Brander, Alexander Gerfer, Bernhard Rall and Heinz Zenkner.
1   Triumph forsaken the Vietnam war, 1954-1965 / Mark Moyar
1   Trixbox CE 2.6 implementing, managing, and maintaining an Asterisk-based telephony system / Kerry Garrison
1   Introduction to biophysics / Pranab Kumar Banerjee
1   The Trojan War : a very short introduction / Eric H. Cline.
1   Tropic of cancer / Henry Miller.
1   Tropical forests: source of energy through optimisation and diversification; proceedings
1   Tropical fruit / Desmond Tate.
1   Tropical interludes: European life and society in South-East Asia
1   Tropical oysters: cultures and methods
1   Tropical rain forest: a study of irradiation and ecology at El Verde, Puerto Rico
1   Tropical root crops: production and uses in Africa; proceeding of the second Triennial Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops

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