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1   Secrets of Chinese astrology
1   Secrets of closing sales
1   The secrets of economic indicators hidden clues to future economic trends and investment opportunities / Bernard Baumohl
1   Secrets of mind power / Harry Lorayne.
1   Secrets of network marketing wealth build the business you want / John Bremner
1   The secrets of successful sales management / Tony Adams
1   Secrets of successful web sites: project management on the world wide web
1   Secrets of the master business strategists
1   Sectoral systems of innovation [e-book]
1   Secular alternatives to religion / Stuart Brown
1   Secure and resilient software.
1   Secure and resilient software requirements, test cases, and testing methods / Mark S. Merkow and Lakshmikanth Raghavan.
1   Secure development for mobile apps how to design and code secure mobile applications with PHP and JavaScript / J.D.Glaser and foreword by Jeremiah Grossman.
1   Securing storage a practical guide to SAN and NAS security / Himanshu Dwivedi
1   Securities Commission act 1993 (Act 498) & subsidiary legislation, Malaysia code on take-overs and mergers and Malaysian code on corporate governance: as at 25th April 2008 / Compiled by Legal Research Board

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