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1   Risk management conference proceedings 2012.
1   Risk management for central banks and other public investors / Ulrich Bindseil, Fernando Gonzalez and Evangelos Tabakis (eds)
1   Risk management in the business enterprise/ by Robert I. Mehr and Bob A. Hedges.
1   Risk, portfolio management and capital markets
1   Risk theory/ R.E. Beard, T. Pentikainen and E. Pesonen.
1   Rites of passage
1   The ritual bath / Faye Kellerman
1   River between
1   River engineering
1   River of death
1   The river of Golden Sand [e-book] the narrative of a journey through China and Eastern Tibet to Burmah Volume 1. / William John Gill and Henry Yule
1   Riwayat hidup dan perjuangan Syekh Tahir Jalaluddin Al-Falaqi, Al-Azhari
1   RM20 million fund for WOU (in Mandarin) [e-media]
1   RM30mil windfall for Wawasan to fund operations for five years [e-media]
1   RM6mil raised for fund [e-media]

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