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1   GCSE biology
1   GCSE English
2   GCSE physics
1   GD Express Carrier Berhad - a drive for excellence How a culture of "Continuous Improvement" transforms GDEX from failure to Malaysia's leading express carrier / Philemon H.M. Soon
1   Geekonomics the real cost of insecure software / David Rice
1   Gelagat organisasi
1   Gen Y now : millennials and the evolution of leadership / John W. "Buddy" Hobart and Herb Sendek.
1   Gender agenda: a sociological study of teachers, parents and pupils in their primary schools
1   Gender and citizenship [e-book] politics and agency in France, Britain and Denmark / Birte Siim
1   Gender and discrimination
1   Gender and stratification
1   Gender and stress / Rosalind C. Barnett, Lois Biener and Grace K. Baruch (eds)
1   Gender, culture and human rights reclaiming universalism [e-book] / Siobhán Mullally
1   Gender differences in anxiety level in spoken English Language: a case study. / Grace Lee May Ling
1   Gender differences in career perceptions in GE Malaysia / Chia Chun Siang

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