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1   A study on the awareness among healthcare students on the importance of pervasive computing. / Wong Jia Ing
1   A study on the behaviour of the PayWave as a contactless credit card payment features among the card users in Malaysia / Lau Kar Ee.
1   The study on the contribution of the working mothers towards socio economy. / Yusnoraiza Abdul Wahab @ Yusof
1   A study on the decision making of e-commerce system outsourcing in Malaysia / Teoh See Kiat
1   The study on the demand of pet owners for pet products and services – (a case study of Global Pets Sdn Bhd in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia ). / Tan Check Nam
1   A study on the dominant factors and governmental policies in influencing green consumerism in Malaysia / Cheah Phaik Hoon
1   Study on the e-wallet utilization: an empirical assessment in Northern Malaysia Bank users / Chan Lai Kueen.
1   A study on the effect of Emotional Intelligence (EI) on organizational stress among engineers in Penang Electrical & Electronic (E&E) industry / Louis Chou Sean Chuang
1   A study on the effect of rewards on employee performance in organizations - selected ICT project based companies in Sibu, Sarawak / Lee Tieng Kiing.
A study on the effectiveness of electronic communication in Multi
National Corporations in Bayan Lepas, Penang. / Ng Lee Foong
1   A study on the effectiveness of ICT application and hardware towards independent palm oil smallholder planters in Selangor, Malaysia. / Tiew Song In.
1   A study on the effects of digital music download and the sales of music compact discs in Malaysia / Chow Lak Keong
1   Study on the factors affect students from China to study at the higher educational institutions in Malaysia / Teresa Liu Bao Che
1   A study on the factors affecting consumers spending decision towards fast food / Wong Song Seng
1   A study on the factors affecting the job satisfaction of staffs in JHB private hospital in Johor Bahru / Chee Choon Yin

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