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1   A study on the factors influencing employee motivation at Kim Hin Industry Berhad in Kuching, Sarawak / Martha Wong Ping Ping.
1   A study on the factors influencing online customer satisfaction at 11street Malaysia. / Chan Yen Fung.
Study on the factors influencing the MBA students satisfaction at
Wawasan Open University / Gan Sam Sam
1   Study on the factors influencing the receptiveness of e-wallet mobile payment in Johor Bahru. / Prem Kumar A/L Ganeson.
1   A study on the factors that contribute to rising trend of consumers purchase of share rides using smartphone app. / Jason Tamil Selvam
1   A study on the factors that influence human resource strategy’s development and its implementation in electronics manufacturing industries across Penang industrial zones / Emeline Tan Mei Ling
1   The study on the factors to improve the nursing quality service in general ward at Iskandar Puteri Private Hospital. / Threshini Singam.
1   Study on the feasibility of adopting lean sigma in the hospitals in Johor / Roy Rillera Marzo.
1   Study on the feasility of using the subcontractor for the production process for Interplex Holdings Ltd./ Neo Chin Joo
1   A study on the impact of accelerated reader program towards year four students' reading perspective, reading attitude and its effectiveness / Mui Hui Theng.
1   A study on the implementation of an effective performance appraisal system in an organization – an electronic manufacturing perspective / Chan Kai Ming
1   A study on the influences of emotional intelligence on student leadership qualities / Alice Lim Bee Chee
1   A study on the information technology risk (IT risk) management for a financial institution in Malaysia / Seow Fui Kong
1   A study on the internet shopping behavior in Malaysia the laptop user perspective / Uvarajan A/L Arumugam
1   Study on the motivator factors and job satisfaction in Malaysia retail sector. / Ong Eng Kian.

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