You searched Library Catalogue - Title: study on organizational determinants towards e-commerce value purchase for e-groceries: an empirical assessment on Penang consumers / Lee Yeng Yang.
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1   A study on determinants of the critical success factors influencing choice of logistics service providers an empirical assessment in Northern Region Malaysia Ocean Container Carriers. / Lee Kee Lin
1   A study on determinants on investing inclination towards investment behavior an empirical assessment on Northern Malaysian Investors / Ong Ghee Chyuan
1   A study on e-collaboration dynamics an empirical assessment on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) / Ang Yue Leong
1   A study on E-Learning implementation to employees' performance in Klang Valley / Rodzitah Binti Abdul Hamid
1   A study on effective warehouse structuring system in the supply chain the mediating role of responsive logistics in Northern Malaysia manufacturers. / Foo Mei Teng
1   A study on emerging online purchasing: an empirical assessment on Northern Malaysia insurance purchasers. / Tan Loo Beng.
1   A study on employees' behavior and discipline in Rapid Precision Technologies Sdn. Bhd / Ooi, Lay Hua.
1   A study on employee’s turnover intention among accounting firm in Johor Bahru. / Wong Ghang Sheng.
1   Study on environmental awareness amongst loggers in Kelantan logging industry / Jamil Bin Hamzah
1   A study on factors contributing to implementation on flexible working arrangements in manufacturing industry in Penang / Seah Wan Ying
1   A study on factors contributing to organisational competitiveness of garment industry in Thailand [with reference to Thailand Garment Fashion Limited (TGF)] / Yeoh Cheong Hean
1   A study on factors determining customer satisfaction in retail industry for Hyper Market in Ipoh City / Chong Pei Wai.
1   A study on factors impacting the migration of cheque payments to electronic payments / Suakwinder Singh Tara Singh
1   A study on factors influencing work motivation amongst non-executive employees in TNB Shah Alam / Shahida binti Shaharuddin
1   A study on general public awareness and readiness on GST implementation in Malaysia / Tan Swee Sun

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