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1   Performance of rights issues an emprical evidence from Malaysia / Lam Chee Wooi
1   Factors affecting consumer choice buying behavior on mobile phone / Tan Heng Khee
1   Factors influencing consumers buying behaviour in Penang / Lee Sing Jiu
1   Factors influencing employee job satisfaction in Tip Top Sdn Bhd (TTSB) / Wong Mun Choon
1   Factors influencing employee's job satisfaction and job performance in Mahac Chemicals Sdn Bhd / Lai Choo
1   Factors motivating distributions in MLM companies to grow their business / Phang Wai Kheong
1   Factors that affecting the customer satisfaction in a leasing company in Penang / Yeoh Swee Hoon
1   Factors that contribute to poor job satisfaction in the firmware development of company M / Chin Kian Ming

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