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2   Introduction to operations research
1   Introduction to operations research/ Frederick S. Hillier and Gerald J. Lieberman.
1   Introduction to operations research: a computer-oriented algorithmic approach
1   Introduction to operations research techniques
1   An introduction to ordinary differential equations / Earl A. Coddington
3   Introduction to organic chemistry
1   Introduction to organizational behaviour
1   Introduction to parallel computing
1   Introduction to parallel processing / M. Sasikumar, Dinesh Shikhare and P. Ravi Prakash
1   Introduction to partial differential equations with applications
1   Introduction to personality / Jerry M. Burger.
1   Introduction to philosophy
1   Introduction to philosophy A handbook for students of psychology, logic, ethics, aesthetics and general philosophy/ Oswald Kulpe.
1   Introduction to philosophy classical and contemporary readings / Louis P. Pojman
1   Introduction to philosophy classical and contemporary readings/ Louis P. Pojman and James Fieser.

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