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1   Understanding hospitality accounting 2
1   Understanding Hotel and Motel Law
1   Understanding human behavior: an introduction to psychology
4   Understanding human behavior and the social environment / Charles H. Zastrow and Karen K. Kirst-Ashman
1   Understanding human communication
1   Understanding human communication / Ronald B. Adler and George Rodman.
1   Understanding human sexuality
1   Understanding hydraulics: a guide to the basic principles of hydraulics with an explanation of the essential theory
1   Understanding industrial relations
1   Understanding information: an introduction
1   Understanding information systems: foundations for control
1   Understanding information systems [e-book] what they do and why we need them / Lee Ratzan
2   Understanding information technology: text, readings and cases
1   Understanding intangible culture heritage preservation via analyzing inhabitants' garments of early 19th century in Weld Quay, Malaysia / Chen Kim Lim, Minhaz Farid Ahmed, Mazlin Mokhtar, Kian Lam Tan, Muhammad Zaffwan Idris and Yi Chee Chan.
1   Understanding interpersonal communication making choices in changing times / Richard West and Lynn H. Turner

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