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1   Ucapan penggulungan tahun 2008 Dewan Rakyat & Dewan Negara / Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi
1   Ucapan Perdana Menteri Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi semasa membentangkan usul mengenai Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan ,2006-2010 di Dewan Rakyat 31 Mac 2006: membina tamadun menjulang martabat negara
1   Product manager's survival guide everything you need to know to succeed as a product manager / Steven Haines.
1   UDNK
1   A study of the readiness and awareness of future accounting educators in introducing ISAE 3410 standards a pilot study in Malaysia / Loo Choo Hong and Dr Tung Lai Cheng
1   Study on the behavioral intentions of generation Y consumers to use uber service in Kuching, Sarawak and its influencing factors / David Dzrandinuraidi Anak Sebastian Desson
1   A UFO hunter’s guide sightings, abductions, hot spots, conspiracies, cover-ups, the identified and unidentified, and more / Bret Lueder.
1   UI is communication how to design intuitive, user-centered interfaces by focusing on effective communication / Everett N. McKay.
1   Ujian pemilihan calon guru Malaysia MTEST
1   UK monetary and financial system: an introduction
1   Ulang kaji total terkini PMR bahasa Melayu / Dr. Supian Mohd. Noor, Nawi Ismail, Azizul Rahman and Mohd. Khir Kassim
1   Ulang kaji total terkini PMR sistem bahasa / Asraf Abdullah and Shamsul Yusli Mohd.Yusof
1   The ultimate accountants' reference [e-book] : including GAAP, IRS & SEC regulations, leases, and more / Steven M. Bragg.
1   The Ultimate American cookbook
1   The Ultimate barbecue cookbook: over 200 sizzling dishes for outdoor eating

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