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1   Purse
1   Pursue full-time degree courses at affordable cost.
1   Pursuing degree now a given right [e-media]
1   Pursuing e-education [e-media]
1   Pusat pengajian pembelajaran sepanjang hayat pengajian Malaysia / Zainal Abidin Ahmad, Mazlan Zulkifly and Open University Malaysia
1   Pushing north : a decade of building value in Penang and the northern region / The Edge in collaboration with Khanazah Nasional.
1   Pushing the boundaries stories from the Putrajaya years (May 2000-May 2013)/ Nor Mohamed Yakcop.
1   Put our world to rights towards a Commonwealth human rights policy/ Advisory Group chaired by the Hon. Flora MacDonald
1   Putting emotional intelligence to work: successful leadership is more than IQ
1   Putting Penang on world map again Katsumi Mukai welcomes public participation [e-media]
1   Putting strategy to work: the blueprint for transforming ideas into action
1   Putting WOU into public service [e-media]
1   Puzzle for Inspector West
2   PWS series in Engineering
1   Pyramid of decision approaches

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