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1   Communicating in groups and teams sharing leadership / Gay Lumsden, Donald Lumsden and Carolyn Wiethoff
1   Communicating in groups and teams: sharing leadership
1   Communicating in groups applications and skills / Katherine Adams and Gloria J. Galanes
1   Communicating in professional contexts skills, ethics, and technologies / H.L. Goodall and Sandra Goodall
1   Communicating technical information: a guide for the electronic age
1   Communicating with children and their families responding to need and protection / Liz Davies and Evelyn Kerrigan Lebloch.
1   Communicating with customers
1   Communicating with strangers an approach to intercultural communication / William B. Gudykunst and Young Yun Kim
1   Communication across cultures mutual understanding in a global world / Heather Bowe and Kylie Martin
1   Communication and consensus: An introduction to rhetorical discourse
1   Communication and human behaviour
1   Communication and interpersonal skills in social work / Juliet Koprowska.
1   Communication and society (Routledge (Firm)
1   Communication audits
2   Communication between cultures / Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter and Edwin R. McDaniel

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