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1   Social theory perspectives on adult education / Barry Elsey.
1   Social trends
1   Social welfare policy and analysis / Andrew Dobelstein
1   Social welfare policy and social programs a values perspective / Elizabeth A. Segal
1   Social work a profession of many faces / Armando T. Morales, Bradford W. Sheafor and Malcolm E. Scott
1   Social work perspectives on human behaviour / Margarete Parrish.
1   Social work processes / Beulah Compton, Burt Galaway and Barry Cournoyer
1   Social work with groups a comprehensive workbook / Charles H. Zastrow
1   The social worker and psychotropic medication toward effective collaboration with mental health clients, families, and providers / Kia J. Bentley and Joseph Walsh
1   Socialising for success: the practical guide to perfecting your social skills
1   Socialist anatomy of Britain
1   Socializing
1   Societal marketing on silent mentor Malaysia: factors influencing intention of body donation for medical research and economy growth / Chai Soo Ai.
1   Societies in change
1   Society: a brief introduction

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