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1   From bondage to liberation: East Asia, 1860-1952
1   From British to Bumiputera rule local politics and rural development in Peninsular Malaysia / Shamsul A. B.
1   From cell to philosopher
1   From clockwork to crapshoot [e-book] a history of physics / Roger G. Newton
1   From compass to computer: a history of electrical and electronics engineering
1   From computing to computational thinking / Paul S. Wang.
1   From data to reports: using information technology for research projects
1   From dependence to autonomy the development of Asian universities / Philip G. Altbach and Viswanathan Selvaratnam (eds)
1   From economic man to economic system essays on human behavior and the institutions of capitalism / Harold Demsetz
1   From experience to knowledge in ELT / Julian Edge and Sue Garton
1   From green to white biotechnology great challenges, urgent solutions/ Albert Sasson.
1   From inquiry to academic writing a practical guide / Stuart Greene and April Lidinsky.
1   From Liszt to music hall
1   From Malayan Union to Singapore separation political unification in the Malaysia region, 1945-1965 / Mohamed Noordin Sopiee
1   From Mao to Deng

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