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1   Export trade and the West Malaysian economy an enquiry into the economic implications of export instability / K. A. Mohamed Ariff.
1   Expressions: meaningful English communication [CD-ROM]
1   Expressions of Merdeka Malaysia celebrations, buildings, arches and stamps/ Abdul Mutalib Razak ; edtor, Aishah Ali and sub-editor, Suraya Al-Attas.
1   Extensions of dynamic programming for combinatorial optimization and data mining / Hassan AbouEisha, Talha Amin, Igor Chikalov, Shahid Hussain, Mikhail Moshkov.
1   Extensions one: communicative activities for beginning students of English
1   Extensions three: communicative activities for intermediate students of English
1   Extensions two: communicative activities for low intermediate students of English
1   Extensive reading handbook for secondary teachers
1   The extent of perception, understanding and responsiveness towards corporate governance mechanism from managerial perspectives / Tan Gee Lin
2   External studies guidelines for course coordinators
1   The extra mile how to engage your people to win / David Macleod and Chris Brady
1   Extracts: English fiction for advanced students
1   Extraordinary chemistry of ordinary things
1   Extreme trust honesty as a competitive advantage / Don Peppers and Martha Rogers.
1   Eye of the scarecrow: a novel

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