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1   Design methods and analysis of algorithms / S.K Basu
1   Design of analog CMOS integrated circuits / Behzad Razavi.
1   Design of concrete highway bridges and structures: vol.1and 2
1   Design of concrete structures
1   Design of devices and systems
1   The design of economical blended mobile learning with SMS / Kwang Sik Chung, Vincent Chung Sheng Hung and Dr Teoh Ping Chow
1   The design of everyday things / Don Norman.
1   Design of microprocessor-based systems
1   The design of sample surveys/ Des Raj.
1   The design of sites patterns for creating winning web sites / Douglas K. Van Duyne, James A. Landay and Jason I. Hong
1   Design of structural elements
1   The design of things to come how ordinary people create extraordinary products / Craig M. Vogel, Jonathan Cagan and Peter Boatwright
1   Design science methodology for information systems and software engineering/ Roel J. Wieringa.
1   Design thinking for strategic innovation : what they can't teach you at business or design school / Idris Mootee.
1   Design to reduce technical risk

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