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1   Controlling financial performance for higher profits
1   Controlling process in high-risk operations – a case study of risk mitigation strategies and maximizing returnable chlorine drum usage in Malaysia. / Ng Kien An
1   Controversies in macroeconomics
1   Convenience, flexible service and commute impedance as the predictors of drivers' intention to switch and behavioral readiness to use public transport / Alexandra S. Kang, K. Jayaraman, Keng-Lin Soh and Wai Peng Wong.
2   Convention management and service / Milton T. Astroff, James R.Abbey
1   Convergence / Wei Ling Tay.
1   Convergence of distance and conventional education international perspectives / G. Dhanarajan, Dato' Prof Emeritus (September 1997)
1   Converging evidence in language and communication research
1   Conversation / Rob Nolasco and Lois Arthur
1   Conversation
1   Conversation and dialogues in action
1   Conversation book: English in everyday life
1   Conversation gambits: real English conversation practices
1   Conversational interaction in second language acquisition a collection of empirical studies / Alison Mackey (ed.)
1   Conversations on the nature of political economy / Jane Marcet and Evelyn L. Forget

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