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1   Identification and inference for econometric models [e-book]
1   Identifying and overcoming academic dishonesty in GiatBelia Akademi, Kuching / Pau Chiong Hing.
1   Identifying behavior intention on perceived values in a payment method - a case study on an adoption of RFID in the Ampang-Kuala Lumpur toll / Sing Su Yung
1   Identifying customers satisfaction in construction industry in Penang / Lau Sun Wah
1   Identifying factors in determining employee engagement in a food trading company in Malaysia - a case study on NBM Marketing Sdn Bhd / Hoy Siew Choong
1   Identifying influences of services quality on the price sensitivity in industrial customers a case study of W-One Marketing Sdn Bhd / Ong Heng Yau
1   Identifying targeted training needs: a practical guide to beginning an effective training strategy
1   Identity is destiny: leadership and the roots of value creation
1   Identity process theory identity, social action and social change / edited by Rusi Jaspal and Glynis M. Breakwell.
1   Identity - teacher's book / Charles Vilina ...[et al.]
1   Identity, with audio CD / Joseph Shaules, Hiroko Tsujioka and Miyuki Iida
1   Ideology in social science: readings in critical theory
1   IDG's 3-D Visual series
1   Subsidies boon or bane in promoting proper implementation of good environmental public policy / Loo Choo Hong, Deehbanjli Lakshmayya and Dr Tung Lai Cheng
1   Idiot

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