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1   Factors that affecting customer satisfaction and acceptance in direct selling / Lim Jia Hui
1   Factors that contribute towards Malaysia Airlines cabin crew motivation and productivity level. / Harkiran Kaur Utam Singh.
1   Factors that drive employees' engagement a study among banks' employees in Penang / Ooi Nae Lin
1   Factors that encourage SME in Penang to adopt production automation in the context of Industry 4.0. / Mah Hang Lee.
1   Factors that influence consumer buying behaviour of automotive lubricant oil market: a study of automotive lubricant oil industry in Penang. / Chan Kok Hooi.
1   Factors that influence employee retention in Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SMEs) in Klang Valley / Sin Sze Wan
1   Factors that influence employees' commitment toward organization success a study of manufacturing industry in Penang / Ang Seong Hoe
1   Factors that influence franchisee's decision making / Shalini a/p Raveendran
1   Factors that influence job hopping in Penang a study based on electronic & engineering (E&E) sector / Leong Pei Sun
1   Factors that influence robots and autonomous in manufacturing assembly processes / Ramesh Rao Samtharam.
1   Factors that influence stress among information technology professionals in CSC Malaysia / Koh Jee Leong
1   Factors that influence the average occupancy rate for car rental and strategies to improve them-paradise car rental / Thilai Vishalinni Therishnakumar
1   Factors that influence the effectiveness of internship programs in Keysight Technologies and Agilent Technologies in Penang: students’ perspective / Dee Chang Gin.
1   Factors that influence the job motivation level of employees of construction material distributors/ dealers in the Kota Bharu region/ Lee Jenn Yuan
1   Factors that Influence the usage of app-based land transportation by commuters in Penang. / Jan Einar Ingvald Fonacier Fellizar.

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