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1   Factors affecting professional development amongst school teacher / Aaron Oon Chin Hong
1   Factors affecting property buyer's purchasing behavior / S'ng Chee Aun
1   Factors affecting purchase intention on mobile shopping in Malaysia / Chai Wai See.
1   Factors affecting students' low academic performance in excel learning hub. / Tee Bee Ching
1   Factors affecting the adoption of mobile learning among working adult learners in their higher education. / Fong Min Chong.
1   Factors affecting the purchase intention and organic food spend of customers in Sunway / Kang Boon Beng
1   Factors affecting the registration rate of ASEAN Chartered professional engineers / Cheong Jong Peow.
1   Factors affecting the worker's productivity in Aamoor Sdn.Bhd. / So Ling Chueng
1   Factors contributed to the poor safety performance of ABX (Malaysian) Sdn.Bhd : a case study / Chieng Lay Seng
1   Factors contributing to customer satisfaction in Penang automation industry / Teh Win Sern
1   Factors contributing to employees' job commitment in BBB company which are leadership quality, corporate culture and reward / Chee Yik Kuen
1   Factors contributing to Gen Z’s deep learning: investigating undergraduates’ course experience in Malaysian private higher education institutions / Fei Ping Por, Mi-Chelle Leong and Lei Mee Thien.
1   Factors contributing to great place to work in manufacturing companies in Penang / Wong Yik Thien.
1   Factors contributing to popularity of food truck business in Penang. / Chen Jun Ting.
1   Factors determining consumer's buying considerations in the fashion industry / Sim May Ling

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